What Does Google Say?

Google is committed to providing high quality and relevant search results. It wants its users to have a great experience, and in recent years has improved its algorithms to ensure only high-quality pages rank highly.

YourAmigo is likewise committed to producing high quality pages that rank highly and provide users with a great experience. We abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use a combination of great technology, extensive human review and significant user metric data collection and analysis to ensure our pages perform optimally for search engines and users.

Google has some really interesting statistical data that supports the diversity of ways in which people express themselves when looking for information.

In various studies over the past few years, Google has showed that:

• 15% of searches every day, have never been seen by Google before
• 20% of searches have not been seen by Google in the past 6 months
• 54.5% of searches use 4 or more keywords
• 65% of visitors from non-brand searches are new visitors

This huge diversity in the way in which people use keywords to describe their intent, with longer and longer search phrases, explains why ultra-long tail organic search is so important and such a great opportunity.