Easy Implementation

“YourAmigo’s set up was the fastest and smoothest vendor implementation we have experienced”.
– Director of eCommerce at Internet Retailer Top 100 Company

Our new customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that it will only take them approximately one hour on their side to implement YourAmigo’s organic search service. They often tell us that they are used to complex integrations and long delays in getting on the schedule of their busy IT team. Accordingly, our new customers are delighted that they can commence the campaign swiftly, and hence see the results and the extra revenue.

After the campaign is live, we fully manage the service so you’re only responsibility moving forward is to reap the rewards of the incremental clicks and revenue we drive to your site.  The results are clearly visible through our Customer Analytics Console, which provides extensive data reporting and is updated daily. Further, you can view YourAmigo’s results in your existing analytics package as well.

No Overlap – importantly, YourAmigo’s customers enjoy the benefits of incremental revenue because, unlike other vendors, we create unique URLs (no widgets on your existing pages, hence no overlap with your existing traffic), and we do not require you to block any of your native site product content and lose the benefit of whatever revenue was being generated by that content. Hence, we are easy to implement, and importantly, it is easy to track the incremental revenue that YourAmigo is delivering.