Unique Value of Organic Search

YourAmigo has worked in the organic search field for many years, and has conducted studies on huge amounts of data to understand the value that can be delivered through this channel. There are a number of aspects of organic search that are different to other marketing channels, allowing our clients to:

• Influence buyer decisions early in the buying/decision process
• Improve the conversion rates of other marketing channels through a first touch via organic search
• Reach high volumes of NEW buyers through unbranded searches
• Increase revenue from existing buyers through their non-branded searches

In short:

Organic Search

  • Generates intent
  • Attracts buyers BEFORE they have finalized their buying decision
  • Determine what they need and which suppliers to buy from

Other Channels

  • Harvest intent
  • Attract buyers AFTER they have finalized their buying decision
  • Decision made, find special offers and discounts