Better User Experience

We create a user experience that is highly relevant and specific to a user’s needs.

As well as providing your customers with improved ways to find your products online through extensive and relevant organic search listings, YourAmigo provides contextual merchandising and advertising, product reviews, and suggestions to most popular products or alternatives if products are out of stock. This not only increases your average order value and overall sales, but also improves your customers’ experience with your brand and online store.

YourAmigo has an extensive Quality Assurance process, that extensively reviews and optimizes our content and web pages to ensure that your user’s have a great experience.  Our unique combination of scalable technology and extensive human review ensures that both the search engines and your users rate our pages highly.  Further, YourAmigo measures the engagement that users have with our pages over time, tracking bounce rate, conversion rate and other key metrics to determine the usefulness of a page over time (as product mixes change on the site), and any lower performing pages are removed by our system.