The YourAmigo Difference

The key principle of Google’s Search Personalization, which YourAmigo subscribes to, is that everyone searches differently, so to grow your business and stay competitive online, understanding how to maximize your website’s relevance and performance in organic search, the major online traffic vehicle by far, is becoming more important than ever.

Unfortunately, in organic search, nothing is easy, so how do you adapt daily to a market that is being continuously segmented and where you have to quickly understand changing searcher behavior and cater for the millions of different search phrases relevant to your products to capture as many of those searchers as possible?  The answer is you need an intelligent, scalable solution which can, without waiting months for IT resources to become available, position you to attract as many of those searchers to your website as possible – this is one part of the YourAmigo difference:

Without changing your website, or being invasive to any other online marketing program, YourAmigo uses a portfolio of tailored marketing services which, individually, incrementally increase the volume of organic search traffic, improve conversion rates, increase average basket values, improve the user experience and generate millions of dollars per annum in incremental revenue, risk free.

YourAmigo has revolutionized organic search by enabling its customers to attract qualified searchers and buyers through millions of new and relevant search terms.   With YourAmigo’s search engine experts able to access millions of pages of real-time proprietary searcher behavior data, and our unique, scalable technology that can create thousands of new pages matching millions of different organic search phrases, customers are seeing new sales within a few days of going live.

Typically, YourAmigo will undertake its gap analysis and create a large number of additional, unique web pages in less than 4 weeks which drive significant volumes of incremental revenue. We use a scientific approach to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of your campaign by monitoring traffic, conversions, and other shifts in data. YourAmigo customers have access to all their campaign statistics via a Customer Analytics Console.

YourAmigo is very focused on users – we take them directly to the most relevant content without having to spend time navigating the site, thus ensuring that users get quickly to the information they require which improves both bounce and conversion rates.

Based on feedback from our Customers’ IT teams worldwide, it only takes about one hour for a customer to implement a YourAmigo organic search marketing campaign. We work closely with your team to make your campaign process as streamlined as possible.