Our Technology

YourAmigo’s track record in developing novel technology goes way back to the mid-1990s, where a group of researchers at a leading university were developing unique approaches to internet search. This parallels the time-line when Google founders were researching pre the release of their beta internet search service.

Unlike other companies offering SEO services or organic search services, YourAmigo has a heritage in actually building search engines. We started life building highly-scalable enterprise search engines that were used by some of the biggest organizations in the world. YourAmigo received numerous awards for its products, including from KMWorld, Red Herring and Ernst & Young, to name a few.

We have a unique technology background that has been essential to providing the world’s leading organic search service, which has been in operation since 2002.  Our unique background in building hugely-scalable search engines enables us to analyze millions of searcher’s keywords and to crawl vast portions of the Web.  We analyze 6 terabytes of search data every day.  YourAmigo then creates new, more relevant content pages which previously didn’t exist. We also analyze searcher behavior, to ensure that our unique content is presented optimally for the user, to provide the ultimate user experience and satisfaction, and to maximize sales.

A revolution in organic search – YourAmigo has revolutionized organic search by enabling web sites to attract qualified searchers and buyers through millions of new, relevant search terms.   With YourAmigo’s search engine experts able to access millions of pages of real-time proprietary searcher behavior data, and our unique, scalable technology that creates thousands of new pages, matching millions of different, relevant organic search phrases, customers are seeing new sales within a few days of going live.

Artificial Intelligence – Achieving all of these things is not trivial.  The key to doing so is unique artificial intelligence technology, large amounts of organic search data and the ability to mine, measure and adapt to this data in a scalable way, and to adapt on a daily basis. YourAmigo has this data and collects new data daily through tens of millions of multi-lingual web pages under management.  This allows YourAmigo to proactively respond to changes in search engine and searcher behavior and ensure that content is being improved to ensure better searcher relevance, higher rankings, more value for users, enhanced usability and, ultimately, large increases in traffic and revenue.

Human Intelligence – YourAmigo has developed an extensive Quality Assurance process that involves substantial human review of the large number of pages that are created.  This process not only tests the content of pages and its relevance, but also key functionality and usability to ensure that the search engines rate our pages highly, and so that users have an enhanced experience.