We Grow Clicks & Revenue

Incremental Revenue

As an example of what volume of revenue YourAmigo can provide for our customers in 32 countries, we  deliver online revenue of a few million dollars per annum at the small end, to a few hundred million at the large end. Since commencing our organic search services, we have delivered our customers in excess of three billion dollars through our fully trackable and unique URLs.

Without your company changing any SEO or other online marketing program, YourAmigo generates separate, incremental online revenue (3%-25% extra online revenue) over and above the total revenue you are currently earning from your existing online marketing programs.  Our campaigns are designed to start generating this new revenue within a few weeks.

ROI Tracking Dashboard

YourAmigo has unique, separately traceable URLs. We don’t touch your pages – no widgets, and no overlap. This means that using our Customer Analytics Console, you can clearly see all the data about your site users, search engines, ROI analytics, and download reports on exactly how much extra revenue YourAmigo is generating for you.