We deliver incremental revenue
from ultra-long tail organic search

             Pay - for - Performance

             Month - to - Month
98% of YourAmigo traffic comes from non-brand search phrases
Google says 65% of visitors from non-brand searches are new
Measurable, incremental sales from unique pages
Keep doing your traditional SEO and content marketing.
We are complementary to your SEO efforts.
Don't change anything!
We find gaps where you're missing rankings, traffic & revenue
We analyze 6 terabytes of search data every day
mobile friendly
"YourAmigo’s setup has been the fastest and smoothest implementation we have experienced"
- Internet Retailer Top 100 Company

What We Do

We deliver incremental revenue from ultra-long tail, non-brand organic search.  We pick up where your SEO leaves off.

How We Do It

We analyze 6 terabytes of search data every day and find gaps where you're not receiving relevant, non-brand traffic.

What You Get

We provide measurable, incremental sales and traffic from unique pages.  No widgets, no overlap. Full reporting.


We are complementary to your internal SEO team and agency.

This is effectively a new sales channel within organic search.


Outperform ROAS of PPC

Imagine a pay-for-performance ORGANIC search campaign, that's immediately profitable, and generates a higher ROAS than your non-brand PPC keywords.

Quality Content

Using our big data platform, predictive content engine and an extensive human QA process ensures that users and search engines rate our pages highly.

Better User Experience

We create pages that are highly relevant and specific to a user's needs, resulting in a great user experience. That's what we deliver.